Trekking a Siena e Toscana con 43° Parallelo

Hiking to Cerretaccio - The Bad Oaks

Inside the fantastic countryside of Chianti, in an open and panoramic landscape, a loop trekking for everybody. Along gravel roads we will visit the left and the right sides of the Arbia River in its upper part. The ruins of Cerretaccio are the main attraction of the day. Huge parts of the defensive walls with a gate, a chapel, a fountain and an incredible tower lying on the ground in the woods, are hidden on the top of a hill. The tour continues along the fabulous villages and hamlets of the worldwide famous wine, always surrounded by vineyards: Cacchiano, San Marcellino, Lucignano and San Giusto alle Monache.

Full Day

Tips and necessary for the Hiking

Minimum 2 liters of water
or poncho raincoat
Spare T-shirt