Trekking a Siena e Toscana con 43° Parallelo


Snowshoes are half old back in the limelight for some years. Surely the North American Indians used them as the first peoples of Northern Europe. It seems that even the Romans already, might. A simple yet indispensable during the history of certain parts of the world for essential journeys, such as hunting and businesses or for other reasons saddest like wars or invasions. Today we have the good fortune of being able to wear just for fun and to enjoy the scenery and snow-covered trails. With snowshoes we will grasp the most intimate part of the mountains of Tuscany and Umbria. We will stay away from crowding of the ski slopes, in the silence of beech forests and ridges. If you wish, the only sound will be the crunch of fresh snow under your feet. We will have the chance to see the footprints of wolves that live in our countryside as invisible ghosts but with snow reveal their presence. Even in moderate difficulty paths spend days with incredible sensations of a great adventure.

Tips and necessary for the Hiking

Minimum 2 liters of water
or poncho raincoat
Spare T-shirt