Trekking a Siena e Toscana con 43° Parallelo



The hidden side of Nuraghi Island. Far from the VIP beaches, some proposals from 2 to 7 days to discover the Supramonte.

The largest wild area of Italy spreads between the villages of Dorgali, Baunei, Oliena, and Orgosolo.
Rocks, woods and sea create a rare fascinating ensemble, a real paradise for those hikers who are searching a journey through this tough land.
Long distances, high elevation gains, strong engagement to reach the most remote beauties: Su Gorropu (largest canyon in Europe), Su Sercone (a breathless karst depression), Cala Sisine (magnificent canyons labitinth with rock arch over 40 meters high).
Furtermore the Aguglia of Goloritzè (elegant 160 meters rock needle that raises from the beach), the spring of Su Gologone, the cave Sa Oche (The Voice) with the largest karst system in Italy.


The Beauty Island, l'Ile de Beautée; paradise for all outdoor activities; a jewel where in the same day it is possible to swimm in a mountain lake at 2000 meters of elevation and in the most beautiful sea. From the 2700 meters of Monte Cinto to the Agriates Desert you will find all you can demand for your adventure. Great mountain hikes through granite needles, pleasant creek descends in unbelieveble transparent water, strenuous multi-day hikes along shore paths that will lead you to desert beaches.


The deserts and the parks of Utah, Arizona and Colorado. Extreme wilderness, ultimate beauty. A trip of the soul previously. Far from the crowds of the most famous places It will be easy to undertand why Native Americans considered their land sacred.

Hikes searching Anasazi ruins in labirinth canyons; backpacks in the Escalante desert; explorations of the most bizarre rock formations you could never imagine; guests of the Havasupai Nation, 400 men and women in a lost paradise.
All proposals of this section need a careful planning, for moving in remote regions and in raw landscape. A demanding, unique journey.